Fre-energy build digesters designed to process farm manures, waste crops and food into electricity, heat and fertiliser. We believe in building digesters that complement the core farming business of food production.

Our unique anaerobic digestion process provides a groundbreaking solution and offers efficient waste management and energy production 24/7

We are the only company in the world to offer;
1. Patented de-gritting and foam alleviation technology.
2. The most energy efficient anaerobic digester system on the market.
3. The lowest parasitic load for optimum operation.
4. Handles any type of organic feedstock even if contaminated with ash, sand, grit or soil
5. Extensive after care service for the plant and equipment.

We are excited about what we have to offer in creating a sustainable future for livestock farming, and we look forward to helping you become a part of the revolution by producing your own renewable energy whilst making a real contribution to reducing greenhouse gasses.

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