A Green Future for Casinos?

At first glance, casinos don’t come across as the likeliest of establishments to possess strong eco credentials. Surely these places are all about decadence and excess, living the high-life without a hemp hoodie or humus dip in sight…?

Casinos are greener than you may think

In reality, being green in 2014 doesn’t necessarily mean being a cliché – of course, it never really has – and in many ways, casinos are actually surprisingly environmentally friendly. Casino gaming is entertainment without any wastage of resources – the only things used are items of gaming equipment such as playing cards, roulette wheels and poker tables, which are used again and again and again to provide for the entertainment of thousands of customers, and of course the stake which the customer puts down. In short, far fewer resources are used in casino gaming than in a host of other activities from go-karting to riding a rollercoaster.

Casinos may typically be associated with the green felt of a poker table or the distinctive hue of dollar bills, but they’re also fairly environmentally green too!

The rise of eco-casinos

With companies such as environmentally friendly gaming equipment supplier EGM Green on the rise, even the very equipment used to kit out casinos can now boast strong eco credentials. With green gaming gear now on the market, casinos are now even better suited to eco overhauls!

Treading the thin line of overlap between creating an air of luxury and treating the environment kindly is a huge challenge for casino owners and staff, but through taking measures such as allowing as much natural light as possible to enter the building via attractive skylights and installing showers which let out marginally less water, it has been possible for a number of big casinos to decrease their usage of natural resources.

Eco-gaming via mobile devices

Undoubtedly the most significant change in the way we play casino games to have taken place in recent decades has arrived with the advent of internet ready smartphones and tablets. Where once we could only gamble in the physical realm, we can now do so digitally.

Of course, this is excellent news for the environment. For every person who decides to stay at home and play on a site like www.gamingclub.co.uk instead of taking a fuel-guzzling bus or car to the nearest gambling haunt, damage to the environment and depletion of natural resources are prevented. The real eco-casinos are already here – you’ll find them online!

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